About us

Fundamentals and Technologies is an independent publisher of applied science handbooks, references, and databases. The company started in 2007 with the creation and providing unique databooks to the plastics and chemicals industry.

Fundamentals and Technologies has a dedicated and professional staff resulting in high quality products and excellent customer service. We are committed to applying these values to everything we do and publish.

Looking forward, we remember that F&Tís standing commitment to publishing innovative, authoritative products that advance research and improve productivity in a wide array of disciplines cannot be compromised. F&T commitment to being the best, rather than biggest, remains firmly intact.

Mission Statement

Fundamentals and Technologies is dedicated to publishing world class technical and scientific materials that promote knowledge, technology, and productivity, allowing individuals, markets, and societies to reach their full potential around the globe.

Fundamentals and Technologies strives to be a leading specialist book and database publisher in a number of fields including industrial chemicals, materials, environmental engineering, micro &nanotechnology, safety, surface engineering. Fundamentals and Technologies will expand the number of titles and the subjects it publishes by focusing on core technology areas and by being responsive to emerging technologies.